Launch of TubeTrackr Marks New YouTube Marketing Platform

Though VidCon 2014 has come to an end, the new developments announced there continue to rock the digital world. One of these is the launch of TubeTrackr, a platform for marketing on YouTube created by Singapore-based startup iLathys.

Offering a dashboard to monitor channel as well as individual video performance, the marketing platform presents creators with tools to help track rankings of their videos based on keyword and to assist with finding channels that target audiences similar to their own, to generate opportunities in cross-promotion.

“While videos represent a growing part of the content viewed and shared online, there is a scarcity of affordable online tools for organic video marketing on YouTube”, stated JC Bougle, TubeTrackr’s co-founder. “We started to develop TubeTrackr for our own video marketing needs and then decided to make it available to others.”

iLathys Pte Ltd, TubeTrackr’s creator, develops web and SaaS platform. It was created by the co-founders behind fewStones Pte Ltd in Singapore.

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