Las Vegas morning update for Sunday, October 1st — VIDEO – Las Vegas Review

Here are your Sunday morning headlines:

1. More than 100 new laws will go into effect today, including one that makes bestiality a crime. Penalties for the new law include removal of a person’s animals, a prohibition on working jobs around animals and a mental health evaluation. Other laws going into effect include requiring changing tables in all restrooms, a requiring law enforcement agencies to submit rape kits for testing within 30 days.

2. Get ready for HyperVegas: the new advertising and marketing contract RR Partners and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has arrived. The $15.5 million contract will still include the classic TV ads featuring the slogan “What happens here, stays here”. The new marketing campaign will focus on the rapid pace at which people consume media content on their mobile devices, and how rapidly Las Vegas will can change.

3. The similaries between Nashville and Las Vegas continue to grow as Las Vegas welcomes the Golden Knights and Raiders to Sin City. Both cities have comparable market sizes, and are considered an attractive entertainment destination for tourists. RJ columnist Ed Graney breaks down all the similarities between NashVegas in today’s paper, or online at

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