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Cosmopolitan website Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting ACP Magazine’s Cosmopolitan Community. This community is a place for discussion, queries and conversations pertaining to Cosmopolitan as well as new initiatives, services and news from ACP Magazines. The following Community Guidelines are designed to help provide a quality environment for all members. Please take a minute to read them and keep them in mind whenever you participate.

Please note access to the Cosmopolitan community is not restricted, so persons of all ages are able to see the content posted. Cosmopolitan recommends that this site is most suitable for persons aged 15+. Persons aged under 16 years must obtain permission from their parents/legal guardian prior to signing up to become a member.

Just like any many other online communities, the Cosmopolitan online community includes people from a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds, and mindsets. We take pride in the fact that our communities give this diversity of membership an interesting place to interact, share, learn, and grow. In keeping with this spirit of community, we have a core set of principles that must be followed by all members.

– Participation in all communities is subject to the Cosmopolitan Terms of Service and any rules of Membership.

– We ask community members to remember that there is a wide age range and to post their comments accordingly.

– Use must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws.

– Content protected by any intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights) must not be posted without permission from the owner.

Cosmopolitan does not always edit content posted in our communities. However Cosmopolitan may, in its sole discretion, take action against users who post material or engage in activity that violates the Community Guidelines and principles or the Terms of Service or is otherwise objectionable. Such action may include deletion of a post without notice or in more serious instances termination of your Cosmopolitan ID and/or membership and everything associated with it, including email accounts, groups, posts, pages, and profiles. Determination of what is regarded as a “serious instance” will be individually determined by Cosmopolitan in its complete discretion.

Cosmopolitan community members can delete commentary added by to their personal pages by other community members. Please report any violations to our Customer Care Team. ([email protected])


Please extend courtesy and respect to fellow community members at all times. This is a place to engage in meaningful discussion and where possible to support and encourage each other, not to hurt or attack one another. Please refrain from inflammatory and defamatory comments as well as flaming, taunting and general disrespect. If you disagree with another’s opinion and wish to share your opposing view, please do so respectfully. Do not simply « put down » the opinion or advice given by others. This is NOT a place to aggressively pursue attacks and accusations on one’s opinions or background. Even if you feel upset or angry, consider what you are saying, how you are saying it and how it might affect others before you hit “enter”.

When engaging in opinion-based discussion, refrain from making statements that appear to announce that your opinion is the only one to be had or the only one that matters. When someone has clearly stated their opinion, do merely disregard that opinion. Remember, we can respectfully agree to disagree without being hurtful or aggressive.

Absolutely No Solicitation

Under no circumstances should you post notices or contact another member asking for money, help, or offering products or services. This is not an advertising directory to promote the business ventures of any one person and/or business.

No Inappropriate Content

Please keep all content in the posts you make in the public forum focused on the stated topic of the thread. ACP Magazines Ltd (Publisher of Cosmopolitan magazine) reserves the right to remove content if it deems it to be off-topic or inappropriate. If you want to talk off-topic, please do so on your own blog or social media pages. Please note that the following guidelines regarding inappropriate content apply to both public and private spaces: Posting inappropriate content can and will be flagged and reported. Content that is not appropriate includes, but is not limited to, advertising, publishing of material for which you do not own the copyright*, any content that is vulgar, obscene or contains adult themes, language or imagery. Personal attacks, including name-calling, insulting, spamming, flaming, baiting or otherwise harassing forum members and Cosmopolitan employees will not be tolerated, publicly or privately. Engagement in, or encouragement of such attacks is prohibited, and we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, including the deletion of content, and banning from the site for any behavior we determine to be harmful to our community.

* When linking to outside content, you must ensure that the content of the link is appropriate for our community and adheres to the aforementioned guidelines and Terms of Service. Do not post copyrighted materials (articles, videos, audio, etc.) that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute. For text articles, it is generally acceptable to quote a small portion of the article and must link to the source. You should not post entire articles on this community as this may constitute copyright infringement.

Guard Your Personal Information

You must use your real name when creating a profile, but can use an alternate alias username for communication on the Cosmopolitan community. We do, however, highly discourage members from posting personal information such as telephone number, home address, or other specific information which may make your location easily discovered by others. If you’d like to share such information with other members, we advise you to do so with great forethought and caution, and only through personal communication channels such as email. Please note that the use of email will be subject to the terms and conditions of the email service provider and that ACP Magazines Ltd (Publisher of Cosmopolitan) is not responsible nor liable for any of the communication that occurs between members through personal channels. This is the responsibility of the persons choosing to communicate.

Please Refrain from Advertising

It is not appropriate to advertise your business, products or services on the cosmopolitan community in public forums, public image gallery or in comments you leave on other member’s profile walls or blog posts. It is acceptable to mention your business on your own profile page or blog post – SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT DIRECTLY ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS. Our administrators will delete any content that they deem to be advertising (outside of the acceptable mention).

Health Information

Any and all health and medical advice and information communicated in this community is provided with the intent of generating a general discussion, as well as for educational and entertainment purposes only. They are in no way intended to serve as actual, individual medical advice. In no way does participating in this community constitute a formal or informal doctor/patient relationship. As all members are invited to participate there is no expectation of actual professional experience and, therefore, we assume no responsibility for any posts. Whist it is not encouraged, it is possible that due to the nature of the community and the vast range, diversity and experience of the community members some information may be inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise flawed. No information is endorsed or verified Cosmopolitan magazine or ACP Magazines Ltd (Publisher of Cosmopolitan magazine) other than what we post ourselves as editorial content from the brand. Your health is important, and you are responsible for your own health care and well-being. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your physician or other health-care professional.

We also encourage you to refrain from posting any personal information relating to your health or identity if you wish for that information to remain private. Whilst Cosmopolitan will not publically release any information you provide in confidence or in a private capacity (and will be bound by our Privacy Policy in regards to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information), we can be responsible for any information you allow to be published publically (ie information you post, or include in any comments).

– Unless it clearly stipulated at the time of collection, Cosmopolitan does not collect any personal information about health and strongly advises community members to be careful about any health information that they may inadvertently post on the Cosmopolitan site. Persons under the age of 18 are asked NOT to post any personal information which relates to health. Cosmopolitan site is for entertainment purposes only and all members are advised to seek professional guidance in all issues related to health.

Cosmopolitan Website Administrators

Cosmopolitan administrators have the final say on anything posted on or associated to the Cosmopolitan website. If you have any problems or issues you would like to raise, we encourage you may make a complaint to us directly via email at [email protected] All questions or concerns should be directed to this email address.

If you ever need clarification on these guidelines, please contact us privately at the above mentioned email address and we will be happy to help you.

When you are participating in this community, please keep in mind that we strive to create a safe and friendly community for all members. We hope you are able to have fun and enjoy connecting with each other here.

These community guidelines detail the types of behaviour and activities that are allowed here. If a user violates our guidelines and shows a disregard for them, they run the risk of losing their account. We reserve the right to ban any user without warning. These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are always aware of the most recent version of these guidelines as they are made available to you.

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