Jennifer Aniston stars in lighthearted Emirates ad [VIDEO]

In a bid to promote its Airbus A380, Emirates has launched a new ad spot featuring Jennifer Aniston.  This is the second time the actress has collaborated with the airlines, the first time being last year.

The script and creative concept was a collaboration between Bryan Buckley, known for his Super Bowl ads, and Emirates’ in-house advertising team and produced in conjunction with the WPP Group.

Emirates is more subtle in its latest ad, which sees Aniston befriending a young boy named Cooper who she finds playing in her private first class suite onboard an Emirates flight. The two struck up a conversation, building rapport as they stroll across the plane, featuring Emirate’s business class cabin and onboard lounge.

When they reach economy class, Cooper is reunited with his surprised parents, with the ad ending with his mother relaxing in Aniston’s private suite while the latter promotes Emirate’s inflight entertainment system with Cooper in economy.

The first ad from last year featured Aniston waking up in a non-Emirates flight looking for a shower, and being horrified and subsequent mocked by its cabin crew for not having facilities such as a shower spa and a cocktail bar. Later it was revealed that the exchange was just a nightmare as she wakes up to a luxurious first class private cabin before entering Emirate’s shower spa and recounting her nightmare to the bar tender at its onboard lounge.

The first ad was well received for its humour and satirical nature of “first world problems” and living the high life, despite copping some flak for coming across as “snobbish”. According to a press release in 2015, Emirates reportedly invested US$20 million in securing TV spots worldwide for this first campaign, which has a 30-second and longer 60-second version.

“We were overrun with requests to see Aniston again. She has an enduring, universal appeal that is at once sophisticated, but also down to earth – a great match for our brand. This new ad perfectly captures the fun, spontaneity and glamour of flying on Emirates, and we are confident audiences will find it as memorable as the first,” Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ divisional senior vice president, corporate communications, marketing and brand, said.

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