Jefferson Lines Debuts Educational Videos

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwired – February 06, 2015) – That’s a wrap! Jefferson Lines is excited to debut 3 short films created to help educate passengers about travel on Jefferson Lines. With over 95 years in the scheduled bus service industry, Jefferson Lines understands what matters to their customers. These videos were designed with the first time customer in mind to help address common questions and relieve any travel anxieties. They are also a way to remind current customers about important travel tips to help make their next trip more enjoyable.

The three main characters in the films are representative of the wide array of passengers on Jefferson Lines. Steven plays the role of their College Connection rider who takes the bus for the first time. Rachel represents their loyal customer who has more familiarity with Jefferson Lines. Finally, Bonnie portrays their technologically adept senior customers.

One of the biggest questions Jefferson Lines receives from their customers is « How can I buy a bus ticket? » Naturally, each of the films opens with the main characters looking to purchase tickets for travel on Jefferson Lines. For their customers’ convenience, Jefferson Lines offers a variety of ways to purchase bus tickets: online via, over the phone at 800-451-5333, or in person at any of their many ticket sales locations.

Another significant question that their customers ask is « Where can I catch the bus? » Jefferson Lines covers 13 states across America’s Heartland from Wisconsin to Montana and Minnesota to Texas. Therefore, they have a variety of different bus stop locations that range from a corner stop (such as the UMN Twin Cities campus in Steven’s video) to a convenience store (similar to Ole’s Eastside Shell Station in Bonnie’s video) and a full service corporate owned bus depot (as seen in Rachel’s video at the Union Depot).

The films follow each main character through the process of booking their tickets, arriving at their departure locations, tagging luggage, boarding the buses, and transferring buses. Throughout the film, the voice over and characters narrate important travel tips such as printing your online tickets, arriving at least 30 minutes prior to departure time, keeping your baggage tag safe and with you at all times, and checking the status of a bus with Bus Tracker.

« We would like to give a big thanks to all the Jefferson Lines employees and agencies involved, our wonderful volunteer actors and extras, and last but not least, Hlee Lee, our director, » says Kevin Pursey, Director of Marketing for Jefferson Lines. He continues by stating, « These videos were made possible only because of all of your commitment and involvement. Thank you! »

Jefferson Lines is currently featuring these films on their YouTube channel and will soon have them available on their website.

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