Jagermeister Produces 12-Part Video Series For EDM Festivals

Jägermeister will offer an original, 12-segment video series as part of the content and promotions for its official liqueur sponsorship of six Live Nation EDM (electronic dance
music) festivals this summer.

The program will be Jägermeister’s largest U.S. event marketing initiative to date, according to Marcus Thieme, CMO at the brand’s
parent, Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc. 

The “multi-sensory” events platform, like the brand’s recent advertising, will focus on conveying Jägermeister’s heritage,
its 56 ingredients and the craftsmanship that goes into its complex production process, Thieme tells Marketing Daily

The 12-part “The Art of the Craft”
video series, produced with Live Nation, will feature musicians who are playing at the festivals and have a “passion for Jägermeister,” he says. The videos will be released to
coincide with various festivals, and featured on www.jager.com and www.insomniac.com.

Jägermeister and
Live Nation, which share a young-adult (21 to 24) target audience, will use their owned social media channels and paid advertising on other targeted social channels to promote the festival dates and
sponsored content and engagement efforts. 

Those will include artist announcements, VIP and surprise on-site experiences, and recap videos, according to Thieme.

In addition, Jägermeister will promote a sweepstakes to give away a trip for two to each of the six festivals. 

The campaign will begin on Feb. 11, starting
with a “sizzle reel” (below) announcing the sponsorship and a call-to-action to visit the brand’s site
to enter the first sweeps, offering a trip to the first event, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) NY 2016, May 14-15.

The other festivals include the EDCs in Las Vegas and Orlando, the
HARD Summer Music Festival and HARD Day of the Dead in Los Angeles, and a sixth, to-be-announced venue.

The events, which mix live music and live “recreations” of tracks
by artists into a DJ-focused format, will each feature a custom-built activation and elevated deck.

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