Instagram rolls out multi-video marketing tool

Vloggers and video marketers are reveling in Instagram’s latest ad tool: The option to showcase multiple videos in a single post.

Brands such as Airbnb, Macy’s and Taco Bell are taking advantage of video ad carousels, which can feature a mix of video and still images. Users have to swipe from one piece of content to the next. Advertisers can feature up to five videos at 60 seconds each—though it’s hard to imagine many users taking the time to swipe through and watch.

The rollout presents a significant challenge for content creators: How can you capture users’ attention, entice them to swipe left and keep them watching?

« Brands are excited about this because it gives marketers better creative flexibility, » James Quarles, global head of business and brand development at Instagram, told Advertising Age. « The hardest thing to do is to capture people’s imaginations, and carousel can help advertisers better achieve that with five pieces of content. As we see people watch more video, we think this helps business bring messages to life more. »

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Here’s how the new carousel ads will appear in users’ feeds:

Instagram is increasingly becoming a home for video content—video views on the platform were up 40 percent from August of last year. Instagram advertising is expected to account for 14 percent of Facebook’s total mobile ad revenue in 2017, according to an eMarketer report.

How will you use Instagram’s carousel ads, PR Daily readers?

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