Instagram now shows how many times your videos have been viewed

Instagram confirmed today that it’s adding view counts to its videos. This feature will remain when view counts are added, but users will new to click on « views » to see these additional details.

When the change takes place, view counts can be seen on the bottom section of an upload, right where « likes » used to be. With the inclusion of video count, people who post videos can consider it as a feedback. Your self worth was based on how many likes you got.

The popular photo- and video-sharing app will soon make video views a publicly displayed statistic on its users’ videos.

Instagram users will finally be able to see how many times a video on the social network was watched.

The benefit here for Instagram is the same benefit Facebook gets by focusing on video.

According to Instagram, time spent watching videos on its network has risen by more than 40 percent during the past six months. « Every part of a video view – from the initial impression to a complete video view – drives value », the company notes in its blog post.

« We’ve seen strong brand performance on Instagram, with a majority of our brand partners moving spend to the platform, some significantly », Max Kalehoff, Chief Marketing Officer of Facebook marketing partner SocialCode, recently told Social Media Marketing Daily. We should all be a little more wary next time we’re browsing our ex’s new girlfriend’s feed-this new threat is nearly as bad as accidentally liking a photo from 54 weeks ago.

This will also extend to ads.

Embracing video is something Instagram’s parent company Facebook is very keen on.

The company also mentioned that thanks to Nielsen, Facebook discovered that the value of a video ad increases regardless of whether a user watches the first three seconds or the whole thing.

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