Instagram Adds Video Support to its Carousel Ads Format to Further Drive Revenue

Instagram has added video support to its carousel ads format. As a result of this development, users will now come across 1-minute long videos on the platform. What is even more surprising is the number of video that will find space on the photo-sharing app – five separate videos. According to a release, the latest addition is being tried by Taco Bell, ASOS, Macy’s and Airbnb. The new ads format is sold at the rate of up to $6 per thousand views, or $0.65 per click.

Launched last year, the carousel ad format lets advertisers add multiple swipeable images along with links to their websites. The platform has struck success with the new format, as it increases the chance of clicks 10 folds in comparison to the static sponsored posts. Instagram aims at the same kind of success with the video support. Of late, the platform as been aggressive with the videos, and only last month extended the supported videos-length to one minute from 15 seconds.

LinkedIn adds auto play videos

Somewhat on the similar lines, LinkedIn recently added auto-play videos to its professional networking platform. The move’s orientation seems to capitalize on the online video ads boom rather than user experience or engagement. Whatever LinkedIn’s motive behind auto-play ads is, users are largely annoyed by it and have not minced words in expressing their discontent ever since it has been launched.

AOL to release live videos or Disrupt NY

AOL is among the latest entrants to the live video bandwagon. The company plans to broadcast the fifth TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference live on Facebook. Notably, all the on-stage and backstage videos will be streamed in TV-grade quality. The production will be handled by Telescope, which has agreed to provide a team of six professionals for the purpose. The company also plans to open a production studio in downtown Manhattan to produce live interviews similar to ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today.

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