Innovid Announces Beta Launch of Advanced Social Video Marketing Solution

NEW YORK, NY Innovid, a world’s heading video selling height for advertisers to create, broach and magnitude video practice on any device, currently announced a beta launch of personalization, interactive and dimensions solutions for amicable video. The new charity enables advertisers to strech and rivet consumers on Facebook and Instagram around data-driven, immersive video content. The beta will be stretched over a entrance months. This news comes shortly after Snapchat announced a partnership with Innovid to give advertisers entrance to video metrics and impressions for a mobile-only amicable channel.

Innovid’s amicable video resolution allows amicable audiences to rivet with additional branded content-such as extended video, store locators, coupons and more-without ever withdrawal a post. Additionally, data-driven video posts can precedence location, first-party or third-party information to personalize a knowledge for a viewer, and so bleed a aloft spectator response rate. 

Marketers leveraging Innovid’s amicable video resolution can now embed, distribute, and foster pre-roll and modernized artistic video to aim audiences on any device. The video calm can live on a brand’s Facebook page as a post and can also offer as paid media on both Facebook and Instagram. Innovid provides a single, intelligent hide tab that supports desktop and mobile, that a advertiser can afterwards supplement to their amicable feed. The tab afterwards serves an interactive and/or personalized, fully-responsive chronicle of a video artistic to a viewer, ancillary both mobile landscape and mobile straight (portrait) views, while providing real-time analytics to know rendezvous and performance.

« In today’s fragmented world, marketers are ceaselessly challenged to constraint consumers’ attention, though with over 100 million hours of video noticed on Facebook each day, amicable video has proven to be an implausible amplifier, » pronounced Zvika Netter, co-founder and CEO during Innovid. « The serve of amicable video to a video selling height takes us one step serve in a continued goal to yield marketers with a many seamless approach probable to rivet consumers on any device and medium, while providing real-time analytics. »

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