Imposium Brings Dynamic and Personal Video Advertising to Web Browsers and Mobile Apps

Imposium was built to power large-scale campaigns for the world’s biggest brands who need to affordably maximize engagement for their various audience members. Car companies, airlines, consumer packaged goods – Imposium is built for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Imposium analyzes existing customer profiles and behavior data then dynamically generates relevant, personalized ads on the fly. These ads are then delivered in the form of a data-driven ‘video story’ that features your product, brand, or narrative using Imposium’s proven backend technology.

As a cloud-based dynamic platform, Imposium’s groundbreaking delivery of ads works inside browsers or mobile apps, and even on-site for experiential installments. It uses both context and relevance to deliver the most optimized advertising experience possible to audiences. These personalized ads allow marketers to hyper-target prospects by things like geography, social profiles, interests, or relevant real life events. These elements allow Imposium to generate highly informed, pre-educated candidates that result in greater conversions and sales.

« With this type of contextual marketing, we connect brands and storytellers with target demographics like never before, » said Jason Nickel, founder and president of Imposium. « In a world dominated by video marketing, Imposium enables online and experiential video campaigns to be very personal, with a format that uses elements made for many, but appears to be produced just for you. »

For video production companies and creative teams, Imposium evolves the live action production potential from linear to unlimited, offering a myriad of « final » versions using the same content, sequenced differently for each person. And previously produced video content can be integrated to create relevant, individualized videos by leveraging any data source.

By filming content with tracking markers and carefully calculating the motion of a scene, a service can composite user-generated images, text, and video into the clip. When combined with video production blending techniques such as motion blur and color correction, the result is a surreal, personalized experience.

With built-in realistic effects including motion tracking, displacement mapping, clip swapping, and rotoscoping, along with open API connectivity for both web and app development, Imposium is truly an out-of-the-box solution that redefines engagement.

Other features Imposium boasts are custom audio placement, contextual tagging, dynamic text entry display, user generated content integration, social connectivity, custom VFX, facial detection, text to speech, optimized video delivery, rapid prototyping, quick rendering, moderation, all wrapped up in a mobile-ready framework.

About Imposium

Founded in 2015, Imposium is based in Halifax, Canada with offices in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Imposium is currently working with some of the most recognized award winning shops in North America and is used by some of the world’s biggest marketers and a rapidly growing number of global brands who are turning to the benefits of personalized, dynamic online video advertising campaigns.

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