Importance of video marketing for plumbing contractors

Everyone loves a video. True, some people retain more information by reading text, but incorporating the two together can do wonders for marketing your plumbing or HVAC business online.

Believe it or not YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web next to Google, if you are looking to rank better and develop a higher conversion rate on your website then creating your own channel is quite important.

Change order myths demystified

Yes, there are other sites dedicated to videos like Vimio or Metacafe, and it will only extend your online reach by posting to them as well, but start with the most prominent one first and work your way down.

When shooting a video for your company you really don’t need a high-end production team, fancy equipment, and expensive editing software, in fact an iPhone or Android device will do just fine. However, you want to make sure you film it in high-definition and are presenting quality content in a visually stimulating way or people will turn to another source for their information. You may also want to include a professional lead-in and sign-off to make your video more official.

For your first company video you will want to create an introductory segment to go on the homepage of your YouTube channel as well as your website. Anywhere from a 30 second clip to upwards of three minutes is a perfect amount of time to highlight what makes your company unique and how you can better the lives of your customers through exceptional services or a particular discount.

Remember to incorporate your phone number as well as your physical address and conclude with a strong call to action.  With the YouTube editor and the advanced settings feature you can crop, insert valuable text and even music into your video.

One of the great advantages of creating a YouTube video for your homepage is that it will actually appear alongside your company information in a Google search. You can also set your introductory video to play automatically when people go to your channel.

Now that you have uploaded your initial video you can start to create new ones, not only to drive more traffic to your site but to build up your followers on YouTube, this type of content also works great for social media posts.

The first URL you are given on YouTube can be quite long and unsightly, so to acquire a vanity URL that should typically include your company name you need to have been up and running for more than a month and have at least 500 followers.

Create videos for the most important services on your site and even the other sub cities that you service. You will need to title them properly by including the pertinent keywords along with the name of your business. FAQ videos and how-to posts are other great ways to gain more engagement, because that is what this type of marketing is all about – enticing your viewers.

You truly want to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, not only does this better your chances for conversion but Google also takes a special interest, which translates to top page placement for your plumbing or HVAC business. Videos add a personal touch through multiple Internet mediums and may be the deciding factor for prospects when choosing your company over another one that did not put forth the extra effort.

Just click the play button below for a video outlining how video marketing can help your business succeed.

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