Immersv Launches Video Ad Platform for VR Apps

Immersv, a virtual reality (VR) startup based in Los Angeles, has launched a new advertising platform for specifically for the VR domain. The newly-launched platform has been developed to enhance advertising in virtual reality market by bringing into the domain the same kind of advertising techniques that exist for mobile apps.

The platform has been launched with twelve ads for VR app install. However, the company has revealed that it is open to all kinds of VR ads. The company has launched the new ad platform in a closed version, support by Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, which is powered by Facebook-owned Oculus. Though in its early days, Immersv has revealed that it has recorded completion rate of 80%, which is about twice as much as for mobile ads.

Mihir Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Immersv, mentioned the successful performance of VR video ads in a statement, “Advertising in VR is still in its very nascent stages, but based on the early consumer response to our ad units, it is clear that VR-based video ads work extremely well.”

The solution enables VR developers to distribute and monetize their apps and games to VR consumers, who are obviously the most relevant for them. In addition, the platform is also useful for consumers as they can discover new VR apps, games and other products without spending long hours on search.

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