Huntsville elementary student threatens school, principal with gun in online video

Huntsville City Schools and police confirm a student at University Place Elementary will not be returning to school following an online threat.

University Place Elementary School 

The Facebook video showed the student brandishing a gun and making threats toward the school and Principal Mark McCrory.

The video has since been removed.

« To our knowledge no weapons were brought on campus. All the threats were made off campus and via social media, » said Huntsville police Lt. Stacy Bates.

Bates and school officials confirmed the student was expelled.

McCrory sent out the following notice to parents on Thursday.

« Dear Parents and Guardians:

University Place Elementary received information about one of our students making some disturbing comments about our school.  The school staff, security and the Huntsville Police have been involved and appropriate disciplinary action has been administered.  Offenses of this type are found on page 16 of the Huntsville City Schools Code of Student Conduct, « Threat to School Safety » is listed under « Offenses Resulting in Long- Term Expulsion ».

Recent incidents at schools in other states have heightened everyone’s concern for the safety of students. I want to assure you that we always take any type of threat seriously and have the full cooperation of the police department. That policy will not change.

I encourage you to continue talking with your children about the seriousness of threats and the importance of reporting suspicious activities, threats or disturbing information to a trusted adult. Students also need to be aware that law enforcement agencies are taking these threats very seriously and are pursuing prosecution even when such incidents are intended as pranks.  Please make sure your child is aware of these ramifications and that he or she understands hoaxes related to campus safety will not be tolerated.

We ask that you remind your child that our website has « Anonymous Alerts » to provide any information about this or any other situation at University Place Elementary, or they are welcome to speak to me or any of our staff.  Student identity will always remain confidential.  The Anonymous Alerts link is below:

I appreciate your continued support of a safe learning environment for our students. »

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