How You Can Use Video for Your 2015 Marketing Campaigns

Visual content is more popular than ever with social media users, but with many marketers now realizing this, the visual noise seems to be increasing. Every day, consumers log into their various social media accounts and are bombarded by images. To stand out as users scroll through their newsfeeds, businesses have to be more inventive than ever.

There are many possible ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign. Some might be more relevant to your customers than others, depending on your own marketing platforms and goals. Here are a few ways you can utilize video in your 2015 marketing campaigns.

Redirect Users

If your goal is to redirect customers to your website, embedding videos in your social media posts and emails can be counteractive. Instead of embedding the video, create an image from the video with a play button over it. Customers will feel compelled to click, at which point they’ll be sent directly to your website, giving you the click-thru you’re desiring.

You don’t need specialized software to create such an image. A simple screenshot of the video when it’s paused will usually accomplish the same purpose as spending hours making the play button look realistic. Crop the screenshot and save it and you’ll have an image you can use in mere seconds.

Try to Go Viral

By now, most businesses are aware of the benefits of going viral. Attention-getting videos not only enjoy numerous shares and views, but these days they even make it on the evening news. This level of exposure can be worth more than even the most expensive ad if it reaches the right customers.

The best way to make a video go viral is to make sure people want to share it. Knowing your customer base is the first step, but you must also have the ability to predict the type of content they’ll want to share with their friends and online followers. The best content is relatable, often touching on a subject that hits home for numerous customers. One of the most popular viral videos of 2014 was a fun narrative featuring a cat telling a kitten about the family dog. The Dear Kitten videos were popular because they included insights that were familiar to any pet owner.

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