How Video Marketing Can Improve SEO and Grow Your Business

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by Derek Iwasiuk
April 18, 2016

Video marketing is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the market. This is primarily because it appeals to the senses of an individual very easily. While you can do an audio advertisement through a podcast, you will only be able to appeal to the auditory senses. Videos on the other hand appeal to vision, audio and so much more. However, the video has to be done so well in order to achieve these effects. If you want people to sob whenever they watch your video, you will have to make sure that the video is of premium quality.

When it comes to product promotion or even website marketing, you will want to ensure that the visuals are awesome and sound is also great. There are so many avenues available for you to market your videos on social media. YouTube is one of the biggest sites that you can use to promote your video content on the worldwide web. Musicians, corporations, film production companies and basically everyone who wants their videos to be watched will post them on this platform.

Make the most of video technology

Creating videos is so easy today. You do not need to have the film-grade kind of cameras for the job. Actually, even a smartphone camera can do the trick. You will only have to work a bit harder to get the best shots with good lighting and control the audio. The editing will also be a little bit more difficult to do when you use your phone as compared to when you use a camera.

Videos can be your central method of content marketing and as you probably know, content marketing is a very helpful. If you get your content marketing strategy set up properly, you will be on your way to great success. Videos are among the best way to go about the content marketing strategy. The content in your videos could be advertisement foryour products or material to cement your popularity as a reliable source of certain type of information. This is very true as in the case of Telenet Belgium and Kenyan telecommunications giant Safaricom. These two companies have gained greatly from video marketing. Let’s focus on Telenet’s story for now.

Telenet’s talent in video drama

When it comes to TV drama in Europe, everyone should be able to tell you that Telenet is the cable service provider to subscribe to. This company really does know what drama means. The thing about their video ads is that they are so creative to the point that they have driven tons of traffic to their website. The search engine rankings of the company rose so fast in 2012. It put many other companies in the industry on notice!

With a good SEOservice provider working with you, you can develop a really fantastic video marketing strategy that will help boost your website as well. If you check a majority of videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Periscope, you will notice that they have links directing you to some specific website. This presents great potential for SEO improvement. SEO was not exactly the main goal for the company. The video has more than 51 million views on YouTube. The goal of developing the video was to introduce TNT in Netherlands.

What’s so awesome about the video?

There are so many things that made the TNT Add Drama stunt a great success for the company. The first thing is that it is extremely unique. Do you expect to find a red button in the middle of the New York Times Square with an arrow hanging above it written ‘Push to Add Drama’? It was unexpected and it brought the brand to the people in the streets. The look on the faces of the public emphasized the brand’s slogan that they do know what drama means. When posted on YouTube, the video received a stellar 14.7 million views. You can be sure that people were waiting for the brand to arrive in Netherlands.

Second, the creativity behind the video was just out of this world. The storyline is comic with a heavy what-the-hell-is-happening accent to it. The video will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. The same is the case with the Safaricom videos. You better have someone at hand to collect you from the ground because you will laugh your feet’s strength away.

Finally, the execution of the video was awesome. The people who got to see the live action were able to see it from a variety of angles and the actors did a great job. The camerawork was also well done and this made it possible for video editing to be great and probably easy as well. These videos have made it possible for the company to grow business-wise by bringing more attention to its activities.




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