How to Keep on Top of Video Marketing News, Trends, and Insights

Back in the days before I started writing for ReelSEO, I wrote a couple of editions of a book entitled YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day. The first edition was published in August 2009 and the second edition was published in November 2011. That’s when I learned that YouTube changes at a rate of 33% a year, and that keeping up with video industry news, trends, and insights needed some dedication.

Realizing that half of the video strategies, actionable insights, winning techniques, and tips for engaging the YouTube community in my step-by-step guide would be out-of-date within 18 months, I tried to give my readers some advice for staying up-to-date in this rapidly changing world. In fact, I told readers in the last chapter of the second edition that “there is one more important lesson you need to learn: There is always more to learn. You need to continue asking questions in the days, weeks, and months ahead.”

How to Keep on Top of Video Marketing News

And to help readers of my book do that, I recommend that they visit ReelSEO, the world’s leading resource for valuable news, research, analysis, tips, and trends for the online video industries.” I also told readers that they should visit “the YouTube blog every weekday as well as YouTube Trends every morning and every evening.” Well, I’d still recommend that video marketers should visit ReelSEO, which continues to deliver strategic insights, critical data, and tactical advice, as well as spot trends in the digital video marketing business. But, I have to admit that even I don’t visit the Official YouTube Blog or YouTube Trends as often as I did four-and-a-half years ago. Why?

Well, for starters, the Official YouTube Blog doesn’t publish new posts as frequently as it once did. For example, the Official YouTube Blog posted “That’s music to my ears: watch the BRIT Awards live on YouTube“ back on Thursday, February 18, 2016. And there wasn’t another post until “Celebrating female voices on YouTube“ went up on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

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How to Keep on Top of Video Marketing News, Trends, and Insights youtube trends 320x320 Meanwhile, over on YouTube Trends, they’ve stopped displaying the time or date next to a post – making it harder to see that they only published six posts in February 2016. Yes, you can tell by looking closely at the URL for each post which dates it by year and month, but not by day.

Now, I’m not saying these posts aren’t relevant or valuable. I’m just saying that the publishing schedule for the Official YouTube Blog and YouTube Trends aren’t frequent or consistent. So, as a columnist who writes two posts a week – up from one post a week a year ago – I’ve had to find other sources of insight, data, advice and trends in order to be able to “offer expert advice, guidance, and commentary about the world of online video.”

Some of that arrives via email. I want to thank people like the folks at CinemaSins, the team at Ogilvy Mather, and my friends at the Harmon Brothers for ideas that turned into stories. Keep sending me your comments, reports, and new campaigns. They are appreciated. Another source is Tubular software, which tracks 1.5 billion videos from more than 3 million creators. It helps me analyze the engagements of over 400 million video viewers across more than 30 platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

Check in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter

As regular readers of ReelSEO know, I’ve even had to resort to picking through the data dump made each quarter when Alphabet, the parent company of Google, and Facebook announce their financial results. (I tried picking through Twitter’s data dump recently, but the company doesn’t hold an analyst call anymore – it just issues a letter to shareholders – so, it was slim pickings.)

But, I want to share with you a couple of other resources where you can find relevant and valuable information on a frequent and consistent basis. One is Think with Google. For example, a recent article by Kim Larson, who works with hundreds of brands each year as the global head of BrandLab, is entitled, “How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video.” She not only shares her four-step method for getting to the right key performance indicators, Larson also shares a case study for the Tide Pod Challenge campaign. Tide challenged The Slow Mo Guys to put their favorite garment up to the test by getting their famous lab coats as messy as possible to see if our Tide Pods can get the stains out.

Another resource is Facebook for Business. For example, a recent article is entitled, “Facebook and Instagram Advertising Go Together Like…” It not only shows you how three businesses are using Facebook and Instagram advertising together, but also reveals that campaigns which went live on both platforms resulted in similar or better performance for clicks, conversions, video views, and mobile app installs.

Finally, you might also want to check out Twitter for Business. For example, if you sign in to the Video Guide Hub, you can learn more about Twitter tools and tactics for your business.

In other words, there are plenty of sources out there if you want to stay up-to-date in this rapidly changing world. Who knows, maybe you were born to wander, too. Or, you can just keep coming back to ReelSEO. We’ll continue to do the research for you.

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