How to create a YouTube channel for insurance marketing


Video SEO is important for anyone wishing to get more traffic to a blog or website. Video is becoming more popular as a way to draw in potential clients seeking more information. The video market for insurance is wide open, so now is the time to get involved. In order to get video onto a blog or website, the video must be hosted. YouTube allows anyone to upload any video which can then be linked to or shared anywhere online.

Here is how to start a YouTube channel to get you moving with video marketing.

Before signing up and uploading, think about a strategy for your video portfolio. Insurance companies and agents should put time into quality videos with strong messages. Instead of a sales pitch, go for humor if possible. Funny videos go viral all of the time, which means millions of web users end up viewing it. In video SEO for online insurance marketing, this is gold. Once you have a video ready to go, visit to start your own channel. If you do not yet have an account, sign up for one. You will need a Google account to do this.

If you do not have one, it is easy and

Once you have signed up or signed in, go to the ‘upload’ button on the front page of YouTube. This appears after you have signed in so you will not have to search for it. It should appear in the center-right up top of the page. Click this button and then find the video on your computer to upload. YouTube should prompt you for everything you need to do, so follow along with the directions and your video will be uploading within a matter of minutes. Typically, you will see ‘upload video’ and then ‘select file from your computer.’ Your video should start to upload and you will then be presented with some important options needed to make sure your video is in the right spot.

YouTube will ask you for a description. This is when you want to add the most important keywords or keyword phrases you have for marketing insurance online. You will also be asked for tags, which are also a good way to add your keywords. Put the video in the right category. Choose the one that best describes you or your company. Look for a category for insurance agents, or whatever you can find that is close. Videos put in the right category are seen first. Think about what potential searches may be when you choose. There are also advanced additions if you choose to use them.

Lastly, set up your channel. This is not something you have to think about as YouTube does it for you. When the video or videos are uploaded, simply click on the username and your channel appears. This is a list of all of your videos. Your channel will have its own URL. Don’t forget to make note of it. Next, choose ‘edit’ to add more information about you and your company to your channel. The more information you have listed the better for your marketing purposes. Now you are ready to share your videos on your insurance agent blog.

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