How Adobe and Nielsen Plan to Overhaul Video Marketing Metrics

Are you getting the demographic data you need from your online video metrics? Can you say exactly who your viewers are and where they’re watching from? Probably not, so you might want to look into a viewer reporting system currently being developed by Adobe and Nielsen.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

At the Adobe Summit marketing conference currently underway in Salt Lake City, Utah, Scott Smith, senior product manger for Adobe, give attendees some insight into the measurement system currently being developed, which was announced in October 2014. When the joint Adobe/Nielsen ratings are ready, online video streamers will use a single Adobe-powered SDK (software development kit) to gather viewer data and deliver it to Nielsen and Adobe. Using Facebook demographic data and other identifiers, Nielsen will associate the viewer information with demographics to create something that’s never existed before: comprehensive cross-device ratings that include rich demographic data. These measurements will be called Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, and they’ll work for video, apps, and even web pages. Ratings will be available to Adobe and Nielsen customers.

Digital Content Ratings will launch in Q3 of this year, starting for desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. Once launched, Smith said, customers will get the value of census-based measurements through a seamless implementation. The ratings should be especially valuable for forecasting and ad sales. When broadcasters have a strong idea of how many views they’ll get in key demographics, they can sell guaranteed views to advertisers.

It’s about putting video in front of the right demographic, Smith said.

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