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Facebook Live Video Streaming

It’s no secret that Facebook and YouTube are in an all­out war for the video market. But what most people don’t know? Facebook is actually winning that war right now with its new Facebook LIVE feature and has no plans to stop.

That’s right. With its recent release of Facebook Live, the team at Facebook is smiling big as it is cleaning up in the video marketing industry. Facebook Live is the FASTEST growing video streaming service on the planet.

And why does that matter, simply because Facebook realizes they need to become the leaders and get everyone hooked from the beginning to prevent their members from using other new popular services.

Infact, Facebook has been encouraging celebrities since the beginning of the launch but now they are even paying big media folks to start Live Videos on their facebook pages to create a buzz and make FB Live viral. And we all know what happens when Facebook puts their mind to something, there is no stopping this will be used by everyone one day.

Facebook also saw that majority of their members are trying to get their messages out, but not just out there in a black hole with no one listening; they care about ensuring it goes to the right audiences, to the right target markets. Simply put, everyone is wanting to go “viral” and this new feature makes it so much easier.

What the heck is Facebook Live?

Well, right now Facebook Live is being defined as the wave of the future and that simply everyone will be using it at some point.

Facebook Live is the world’s fastest growing video streaming service  is what is going to make YOU money, It’s as simple ss that.

Facebook Live is Facebooks brand new LIVE STREAMING network allowing you to share stories, content, events and information LIVE to your audience in THEIR news feeds.

Not only that, the viewer can see engage with users who are watching the stream live. You literally use your phone people can watch engage you LIVE wherever you are start to monetize instantly.

But did you know that FB Live video streams are watched THREE times longer than any other online video. That’s huge.

live-press-image Is Facebook LIVE Going To Kill YouTube? Video Streaming War Heats Up.

Simply said, it’s where the money is right now. But what do you do to take advantage of this live streaming revolution?

This Is How YOU Cash In

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a video before. Doesn’t matter if you don’t even want to be on camera. You don’t have to be. This cutting edge software and training package walks you step by step on how to market yourself and even turn it into profit using the FB Live feature.

During product tests, on his very 1st try, one of the product creators got over three thousand views, 165 comments and 356 likes when he didn’t even know what he was doing. More interesting is that he actually generated 1200 bucks in product sales at the same time while streaming on FB Live.

1200 bucks from a 6 minute live stream? Yes please!

Now the system has been perfected and includes the complete FB Live streaming training that exists out there. These step by step video tutorial guides show you exactly how to profit from the world’s hottest video streaming platform.

Easy, fast and fun. All by tapping into an audience that just can’t wait to hear from you.

It’s Like Taking Candy From A Baby

From everything we have seen, Facebook Live is becoming the fastest growing video streaming service on the planet but will it kill Youtube, I doubt so and the future remains to be seen. However, Facebook Live cannot be ignored, with the right tools at your disposal, you can get YOUR message in front of tens of thousands of targeted visitors, and get viral shares and traffic in minutes. That could be a boon for any entrepreneur.

P.S. this software takes FB Live to an entirely new level, but to get the BEST possible results, check out the 1st upgrade to see how you can go BEYOND FB for even more profits.

So what do you all think? Is Facebook Live going to kill Youtube? Is it truly the wave of the future? Do you think these tools can help level the playing field for entrepreneurs and marketers compared to big companies? Have you used it and how were your experiences? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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