Home business innovation 2014: Purpol Marketing

Name: Purpol Marketing
Based: Chippenham
Website: purpolmarketing.co.uk

Launching a construction marketing consultancy demanded technology and a home office rather than impressive premises. Denise O’Leary launched Purpol Marketing (combining her favourite colour and surname) to bring marketing director level expertise to construction SMEs, by either working remotely or within client premises as requested.

Purpol Marketing uses interaction as promotion. We asked business owners: “What marketing challenges keep you awake at night? Whatever it is – I’d like to help!” with three videos on YouTube.

Denise offers practical advice that reflects the company’s expertise, and is available via Skype for video consultation while sharing documents via the cloud. Her marketing strategy is market knowledge, using LinkedIn social media to showcase her thought leadership, and broadband connectivity to assist clients regardless of location and without the pain and environmental considerations of a lengthy commute.

A home-based business with great connectivity has no boundaries and social media is used to create awareness of the service.

The strategy of using LinkedIn to connect to owners, managing directors, commercial directors, marketing directors and bid managers is working – enabling a home-based business to deliver corporate level expertise.

Denise O’Leary is the managing director of Purpol Marketing.

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