Hibernia Networks’ Broadcast Cloud Solutions Enable 4K UHD for Highest Quality Video Contribution to North America …

Highest peculiarity 4K UHD smoothness upheld by tellurian fiber
infrastructure for ultra high fortitude spectator experience

, a provider of global, high speed telecommunications
solutions, announces a tellurian fiber ocular network supports the
smoothness of J2K-enabled 4K video for ultra high-definition. The
capability is enabled by a latest codec technology, that is deployed
to a patron site and managed by Hibernia Networks. The technology
allows smoothness of 4K UHD video to and from North America, Europe
and Asia.

“Image peculiarity is of a pinnacle significance in today’s hyper-connected
world,” states Al DiGabriele, Senior Vice President of Product
Management and Marketing during Hibernia Networks. “Viewers are continuously
seeking an softened ultra high-definition knowledge when observation live
events from around a world. Hibernia Networks’ Broadcast Cloud
Solutions safeguard viewers accept reliable, transparent clear programming via
a top 4K UHD ride accessible on a marketplace today.”

Hibernia Networks’ entirely managed video ride solutions safeguard the
smoothness of top peculiarity calm to viewers within and between
continents opposite a globe. Leveraging Hibernia Networks’ tellurian fiber
ocular infrastructure, including a lowest latency transatlantic
tie on Hibernia Express, studios formulating calm are means to
grasp real-time calm placement for end-user viewing.

“The latest era ultra high-definition picture peculiarity and global
placement of live party and sporting events are pushing new
final for general video transport,” settled Jeff Heynen, Senior
Analyst during SNL Kagan. “In this environment, operators that are means to
precedence a unconditionally owned and operated fiber network to broach 4K video
peculiarity capability on a tellurian turn might be during a motionless advantage when
it comes to securing contracts with tellurian calm providers.”

For some-more information on Hibernia Networks Broadcast Cloud Solutions,
greatfully revisit www.hibernianetworks.com.

About Hibernia Networks:

Hibernia Networks owns and operates a tellurian network portion some-more than
100 markets and travelling 25 countries. Hibernia Networks serves
business with forlorn support, coherence and use in a
accumulation of attention segments including financial markets, web-centric,
media and entertainment, and telecom use providers. Providing
enterprise-class and indiscriminate tellurian connectivity solutions, Hibernia
Networks offers secure and different visual transport, Ethernet, and
carrier-grade IP movement services. Hibernia Networks also offers
dedicated cloud connectivity, low latency services, DTM and HiberniaCDN
for seamless anytime, anywhere calm delivery. Hibernia
Express, Hibernia Networks’ next-generation transatlantic
cable, provides a lowest latency connectors accessible between major
blurb and financial centers in North America, Europe and beyond.
The state-of-the-art wire complement garnered dual 2015 Global Carriers
Awards – Subsea Project of a Year and Best Subsea


For Hibernia Networks media inquiries:
Jaymie Scotto
+1-866-695-3629 ext. 14

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