Here Comes the Sleet and Ice

The Dallas/Fort Area and counties west and north are under a Winter Storm Warning from Sunday 6pm to Monday 6pm. A Winter Storm Watch is in place for the rest of North Texas:


We are predicting a significant ice/sleet event for the Metroplex heading into Monday morning. We are expecting around 1/2″ of sleet with as much as a 1/10″ of Freezing rain to accumulate on the roads and bridges. To the northwest of the Metro including Jacksboro, Bridgeport and Gainesville the problems could start by early evening tomorrow as the rain starts to freeze on the ground. Overnight as much as 1″ of sleet could fall in the darker shaded areas, there might even be “thundersleet” dropping heavier amounts in isolated spots. Keep in mind that the “cobblestone ice” event last winter had THREE inches of sleet fall.

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This all starts with a cold, windy rain tomorrow. Temperatures start the day in the low 40’s but drop into the upper 30’s by afternoon:
sun8a Here Comes the Sleet and Ice sun2p Here Comes the Sleet and Ice

The first round of rain will leave and temperatures will drop below freezing tomorrow evening.


Then a round of heavy sleet/light freezing rain moves in from the west overnight into Monday morning. This is going to cause massive road problems all around the metro area immediately upon arrival. The heaviest amounts will arrive the first half of the day. Light amounts will continue all afternoon into Monday evening. Temperatures will stay in the upper 20’s all day:

Mon5am Monday10a


We’ll have temperatures drop into the low 20’s by Tuesday morning so the roads will continue to be iced over. We could also still be getting some light freezing rain or snow through early Tuesday.  Tuesday afternoon we improve a little with a break in the clouds and highs getting into the upper 30’s. We’ll fall right back below freezing by Wednesday morning so expect icy patches to still be around.

The roads will completely clear by Wednesday when we get into the upper 40’s.

This is going to be our worst shot of winter weather this season but it doesn’t look to be the last. We are expecting another winter storm to bring a threat of sleet or snow by Friday into next weekend. Lets get through this event before we start concentrating on that one.

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