Have You Seen This? Fun with Disney shadows

DISNEYLANDISH — Marketers have the uncanny ability of manipulating us into serious emotional responses with their commercials and events, and Disney may have the best marketing team on the planet.

The hashtag #DisneySide is supposed to prompt fans of Mickey Mouse to share their “Disney side.” In an effort to get things going, Disney surprised some shoppers in a busy mall with some shadow games involving some familiar faces.

No need for me to explain the whole video, because watching it will be way more fun. What I will say — that’s right, I’m still going to say something — is that if I found myself in this scenario, I would have fallen in love with Disney all over again.

I know, I know. This is all a marketing ploy, but I don’t care — fun is fun.

Check out the video and have your child rush back to you in a flash as you hope against hope that a Disney-side moment finds its way near you soon.

About the Author: John Clyde

John has been writing about movies, news, sports and pretty much anything awesome for more than five years. John is the co-host of the Flix Junkies podcast and will always entertain you with his stories. John is an alumnus of both Utah Valley University and BYU. He, his wife and their two children call Salt Lake City home.

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