Hashtag Trending – Holes in Equifax’s security practices and get ready for the iPhone X

New video presentation software that lets you turn yourself into an animated GIF. Equifax won’t reveal the cause of its record-breaking security breach. And don’t tell anyone, but a new iPhone is coming out today.

Hong Kong startup Animiz’s eye-catching new presentation software is pushing the phrase “social video marketing” up on Google Trends. According to a poorly written press release, Animiz video presentation software helps “the marketers create the impressive video: by providing a series of themed templates, fonts, shapes, images, effects, sounds, and symbols, which can be added to both pre-recorded and live video. The program also includes various animation effects which users can add to make a video interactive. The company also provides a series of “video editing tutorial for the markters to know and use the software better.” You can find out more at Animiz’s website.

Over on Reddit, users are connecting a few dots after discovering holes in Equifax’s security practices. While the Atlanta-based credit rating giant hasn’t released an official explanation for the massive security breach announced last week, which compromised 143 million consumer records, including some Canadian and U.K. accounts, TechCrunch has noticed that the website Equifax directed concerned Americans to if they wanted to find out whether they were affected by the breach returns random results, while engineer and journalist Tony Webster has discovered the passwords protecting their information was based on the timestamps, making it substantially easier for hackers to guess them.

Our last update will only surprise you if you’ve been avoiding Facebook, where some variation of Apple’s next iPhone has been trending since the beginning of September. On Saturday its name leaked: The iPhone X, and today it will be officially revealed during one of the company’s signature theatrical keynotes, alongside two variations, the 8 and 8 Plus, both of which will be basic upgrades to the iPhone 7 model. However the X, named for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, is expected to be something else: featuring an all-screen front display that ditches the home button, it’s expected to retail for around $1000 USD.

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