Google Chrome To Set HTML5 As Default In Q4 Of 2016; Flash Player Will Be Bundled

Google Chrome

Google is planning to use HTML5 as the default player of the Chrome web browser instead of Flash by Q4 of 2016, according to VentureBeat.

The Flash Player will still be bundled with Chrome, but if a site offers an HTML5 experience, the browser will use HTML5 as the default.

If a user visits a site that needs Flash, an dropdown option will open on top of the Chrome browser, allowing users to enable it.

If the user clicks OK, the page will refresh and then allow Flash to run on the site. If a user visits that page again, Chrome will be able to remember the user’s settings for that domain.



In order to make the transition to HTML5 as the default, Google will also be whitelisting the top 10 sites that are still using Flash.

However, the whitelist will expire after one year.

Google hopes that by whitelisting those top 10 sites, it would avoid over-prompting and lessen user impact.

The current top 10 sites still using Flash for some of its content are Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitch, Yahoo,,, and, according to PC Mag.

The whitelist for the top 10 sites using Flash Player will be updated periodically by Google.

By also bundling Flash with the Chrome browser, users will no longer need to be redirected to download the software when a website asks them.

« Once the user clicks on the download link we will intercept the request, cancel navigation, and instead present an ‘Allow Flash Player…’ inforbar, » Google stated on its draft proposal.

Users will be able to set their preferences for the handling Flash-based content.

Since Google has labelled its draft proposal as mere mockups, the final version of default HTML5 implementation can still change when it arrives later this year.

Google has been slowly killing off Flash since early last year. YouTube completely ditched it for its videos in Jan. 2015, while Google began converting Flash-based ads to HTML5 the following month.

Just last fall, ver. 45 of Chrome also began automatically pausing unimportant Flash-based ads and animation.

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