Google acquires FameBit to easily link up marketers and content creators

Tech giant Google has bought over FameBit in its effort to help its influencers and video creators on YouTube to boost their sponsorship and promotional deals.

FameBit is Google’s first influencer network. It is primarily a digital marketing and social-media marketing startup that serves to connects digital influencers with advertisers, marketers and brands for paid promotions, product placements and sponsorships.

With this acquisition, Google is expected to be able to tap on a new income stream, by offering and connecting the video creators and YouTubers to interested marketers as part of its mainstream on its YouTube advertising platform. Google did not reveal the price of the acquisition.

Founders of FameBit, David Kierzkowski and Agnes Kozera said in its blog post that the agency will continue to work just as it has and will remain a standalone operation for now, adding “We’re excited to continue helping brands and creators succeed in an even bigger way. With Google’s relationship with brands large and small, and YouTube’s partnership with creators around the globe, we hope to connect even more brands to creators, engage more audiences, and make brand marketing more creative and authentic than ever.”

Marketing has reached out to Google for comments.

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