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Real Estate marketing has advanced in recent years. With video production services real estate agents are now receiving positive marketing solutions to increase the chances of a quick sale. Global Video Pros the world-class real estate video production company based in Boca Raton FL are helping agents and property owners to sell their properties more quickly than traditional methods.


Florida Property owners and real estate agents are turning to Global Video Pro and their Real Estate Video Production services to remove time wasters and increase the speed of property sales. Video production has become a powerful marketing tool for agents and property owners. Global Video Pros believe real estate video production is the future in the real estate industry.

For many years real estate agents in Florida and around the world have marketed properties through the use of pictures. However photographs are not able to show all the positives of a property and this can reduce the speed of a sale. A number of real estate agents in Florida find photographs increase the number of timewasters. Through modern Real Estate marketing money and time can be saved through marketing the property using video production services.

A short film produced by a professional video production company can show a property in a positive light and increase the number of sales for a property agent. By selling a property quickly a real estate agent can reduce costs and increase profits as well as gaining a reputation for being able to sell real estate with speed.

Global Video Pros is a world-class real estate video production company based in Boca Raton FL. They have gained a reputation for helping real estate agents to sell properties more quickly with their video production services. By taking a more visual approach to the marketing of a property a potential buyer can see all the positives of the property than a picture cannot translate. They use the latest production equipment which includes Canon 5d Mark3 DJI’s aerial drones and ronin systems.

In September 2014 Global Video pros launched a video marketing campaign for Premier Estate Property’s affiliates with Christie’s International Real Estate one of the most elite brokerage firms in the world. In just five months Global has produced over 65 cinematic properties showcasing videos and has been able to build their online video audience from 19000 views to over 68000 views! Global’s video search engine optimization tactics and high-end production is becoming one of the most effective ways to market properties online in the new digital era.

The Florida real estate marketing experts can offer professional advice on the best way to market a property through the use of their video production services. With their professional services and experiences real estate can be sold in a much shorter time period.

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About Global Video Pros
Global Video Pros is a full-service video production and technology development firm dedicated to helping businesses take the lead in the NEW DIGITAL AGE. Global Video Pros believe in harnessing the power of emerging technologies and integrated online marketing strategies to create new business and new wealth.

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