Get lost in Lixo’s 360° interactive video for ‘Writer’s Block’ featuring Trim

Submerge into a misty black and chrome underworld with the GETME! founder.

Lixo is the production alias of Alex Hislop, founder of influential London collective and label GETME!. Following 2015’s ‘Gloomer’ EP, his new single ‘Writer’s Block’, featuring East London MC and recent 1-800-Dinosaurs signee Trim, is a chilling blast of pulsing textures and cold percussion – and now it has a video, premiered exclusively below.

Above you can watch the 360° video for ‘Writer’s Block’ – a subversive experience that ties in perfectly with Trim notoriously off-beat flow and Lixo’s cold and metallic textures.

Video animator and director Sam Travis says: “I wanted to play on the really internal and solipsistic feel of the song, and on this sense of contained frustration in the lyrics and delivery. The simulation is essentially of two oceans above and beneath the camera getting increasingly turbulent, but never quite letting loose. So the viewer’s space is just slowly constricting. I wanted that pent up energy in the track to be reflected by the limitations of this medium.”

‘Writer’s Block’ is out tomorrow via GETME!

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