‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 3 Online Video: Watch ‘Oathbreaker’ Preview

A brand new episode of « Game Of Thrones » premieres on HBO this week. Episode 3 of Season 6 is called « Oathbreaker. » This third chapter of the sixth season will have Daenerys meeting her future, Bran facing his past, Tommen confronting the High Sparrow, Arya continuing to train to be No One, Varys finding an answer and Ramsay getting a gift. During a clip shown after the end of last week’s episode we also saw how Jon Snow will come back to life. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to his return. atch a preview of « Oathbreaker » below and tell us what you think!

Fans of « Game Of Thrones » are able to watch and live stream « Oathbreaker » by downloading the HBO Now app for mobile and streaming devices. The service has a free trial which users can take advantage of to catch the latest episodes that the premium network produces. New episodes of Season 6 of the show are added every week. Each new chapter has created major buzz on social media and you don’t want to miss anything from this riveting saga.

Episode 2 of « Game Of Thrones » was titled « Home. » Jon Snow’s assassination was still causing disputes at Castle Black, the Wildlings arrived and prevented Alliser Thorne and other leaders of the Night’s Watch from retrieving Snow’s body, leading to his resurrection. At Winterfell, news of Fat Walda’s birthing of a son reaches Roose and Ramsay Bolton, leading Ramsay to murder his father and newborn brother. At the Narrow Sea, Tyrion Lannister unchained the dragons being held in the catacombs of Meereen. Arya Stark has proceeded to the next step in her training in Braavos. Beyond the Wall, Bran Stark starts experiencing visions of his home, Winterfell, in the distant past.

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