Fueled by cash and online video trends, Rumblefish plots Portland growth

Since selling to a private equity firm last summer, life at Rumblefish has continued to accelerate, said CEO Paul Anthony Troiano.

The company is up to about 30 employees. Many more hires are planned at the company’s Portland office.

“They have invested several million dollars in growth capital and we have just seen things accelerate faster than they ever have before,” Troiano said.

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Rumblefish has been around since 1996. It emerged from Troiano’s undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon. The company eventually became a became a music licensing platform that has the largest selection of pre-cleared music.

It currently helps artists expose their music to others.

The company has a catalog of 3 million songs. The catalog grows by about 10,000 songs a week.

“We used to have like 35,000 songs for five years. and now we are growing at the rate of the size of our competitors basically every week or two,” he said.

I caught up with Troiano recently at the company’s Central Eastside office. Our longer conversation is in our weekly edition, which hits streets Friday.

Rumblefish’s customers fall into a couple of different categories.

First, there are the artists who produce or own the music. Next are clients, which consist of networks such as Vimeo or YouTube, and marketplaces and applications.

Marketplaces are companies such as Shutterstock, which use Rumblefish to power stock music sales. Applications are services such as WeVideo, an online video editing tool. People who use WeVideo end up using Rumblefish when they select music for their creations.

For Rumblefish, it’s the right time to take its growth capital and ride some significant trends.

“The world used to be a YouTube-centric world for video and now its much broader than that,” Troiano said, adding that new services are popping up all over making it easier for people to create their own video, from Facebook to Twitter to Flipagram.

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