Frustrated Quebec couple post online video of thieves after third burglary in …

People often  move to the country to get away from the crowded city and its crime-ridden streets.

But small communities and rural areas aren’t a haven from the world’s bad guys. Just ask Nicole and Jean Groulx.

The couple, who live in a rural part of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu south of Montreal, have had their home burgled three times within a month, CTV News reports.

Local police so far haven’t caught up with the thieves, despite the fact the Groulxs captured them on a newly installed surveillance video.

« It’s terrible, really, I have a hard time to sleep, » Nicole Groulx told CTV News. « I see them all the time. »

The first break-in occurred Dec. 27, while the couple was away on holiday. The thieves kicked in the front door, stole the flat-screen TV from the living room, another TV on the second floor and other electronics.

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A week later, thieves hit the house again, using the same door and making off with the flat-screen TV the couple had bought to replace the stolen one.

The Groulxs reported the break-ins to police but felt not enough was being done, so they installed an alarm and video-surveillance system in the house after the second robbery, CTV News said. Oh yes, and another flat-screen, this time firmly mounted to the wall.

No matter, the thieves were back – if it was the same crew – on Jan. 20, kicking in the door yet again. This time though, they were caught on camera wrestling with the massive TV for about a minute before wrenching it off the wall and carrying it off.

Police were more responsive this time but the Groulxs decided to post the video online in hopes of generating tips to the identities of the thieves.

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Nicole Groulx included the CTV report on her Facebook page. Displaying a rueful sense of humour, she also posted a photo showing the purloined TV’s cardboard box covering the door, which hopefully has more robust locks now.

« We gave the info to the police, it’s their job to do it, we’re doing it to help, » Jean Groulx told CTV News Montreal. « It has to stop. »

« If you don’t do nothing, nothing will happen – you have to do something, » said Nicole Groulx, who added she has trouble concentrating at work. « I have no choice for my family and I have no choice for all of my neighbours. »

Sgt. Pierre Tremblay of the local police said patrols have been stepped up in the area, CTV News said.

A Statistics Canada study a few years ago found the crime rate in small urban areas was much higher than in large cities. Overall rural crime rates approach big-city rates, mostly because of higher rates of violent crime.

But StatsCan found property crime in the country was actually much lower than either big cities or smaller towns. Cold comfort to the Groulxs, probably.

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