FREE Master YouTube Annotations Training Course from ReelSEO!

We predict that 2015 is going to be the biggest year yet for online video, and we’d like to kick-start this momentous year by giving away the best, most comprehensive, deep-dive training course for creating YouTube annotations ever!

The Best YouTube Annotations Training Course – For You!

YouTube’s video annotations are one of the most effective video SEO features available to creators and marketers. You can use them in your videos to drive traffic and views to other videos, playlists, or channels, increase subscribers, build engagement, and even link off-site to your own website or merchant or crowd-funding account. If that wasn’t enough reason to start using them, annotations are also a ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm, which means they could help you in the search results in all sorts of ways.

We have covered the benefits of YouTube annotations many times on ReelSEO, and brought you all sorts of tips and tricks about how to leverage them for engagement, and marketing. But for the first time, we bring all of our expert knowledge together in one place to bring you THE expert guide to creating, and using YouTube annotations in the most effective way possible.

FREE Master YouTube Annotations Training Course from ReelSEO! Click here to access ReelSEO’s FREE Master YouTube’s Annotations Course

What to Expect from ReelSEO’s YouTube Annotations Course?

In this training, we want to show you how to use annotations to increase viewer interaction, generate more views, increase watch-time, and build your subscribers. The training will cover all aspects of creating and using annotations, including;

  1. Mastering YouTube Annotations
  2. Benefits of Using Annotations
  3. Types of Annotations: Title, Note, Speech Bubble, Label, Spotlight
  4. Outro Slate Annotations
  5. InVideo Programming
  6. Advanced Annotations Best Practice

At ReelSEO, we have always aimed to bring you the very best advice, analysis, tips, and best practice about creating, publishing, and marketing online video. We appreciate all of your support and feedback and we’d love you to share this course with your industry friends, and colleagues, as well as any marketers and creators who you think may benefit from it.

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