Former apartment ‘marketing suite’ to be converted into school

A ‘marketing suite’ formerly used to sell homes is to be converted into a temporary primary school.


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Up to 100 pupils will be accommodated in a building owned by Castlethorn Construction in Dublin 15 when the new school year opens in September.

The Department of Education said the building would be used for three years until construction of a permanent school was completed. Four classrooms will be provided, along with two special needs rooms. An existing car park will be converted into a playground, and the entire structure will be completely rewired and new windows fitted.

The department said the building would be used on a temporary basis until a permanent school was established to serve Pelletstown/Ashtown under the patronage of Educate Together, however no figure was given on the cost. One of two classes of junior infants will be enrolled initially.

Tender documents published by the department state that the site at Rathborne, River Road, Ashtown needs to be cleared and « fitted-out apartments » removed, including kitchen presses.

« Minimal works » were required to convert the building, it added. Paul Melia

Irish Independent

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