Foals premiere interactive video for ‘Mountain at My Gates’

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The fourth album by English indie experimentalists Foals is shaping up to be the great rock savior album of the summer. The single “Mountain at My Gates” has been steadily gaining traction, and rightfully so, as it’s a spectacularly shiny, rugged jangle of a late-season jam. Produced by James Ford, who has lent a similar epic quality to Arctic Monkeys and Florence + the Machine, “Mountain at My Gates” is a thrill.

It’s only right that it get an appropriately huge music video. Directed by Nabil (Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good,” Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter,” Alt-J’s “Hunger of the Pine”), the clip for “Mountain at My Gates was shot with a GoPro camera that allows for 360-degree viewing. So if you’re watching the clip in Google Chrome, you can use the button in the upper left hand corner to spin the image around and view the wonderous scenery (and the band) in stunning black-and-white. 

“We are at the beginning of what we can really do with this technology,” the director said in a press release announcing the video. “It has the power to transport you.”

Fire up the clip and see if it does indeed transport you. 

Foals’ new album What Went Down will be available worldwide on August 28. You can pre-order it in whatever form you like right here

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