Fem Inc. Launches Prizma, an Online Video Syndication Service

Fem Inc., a company that specializes in targeted video syndication, announced the launch of Prizma, a platform for distributing customized video playlists. By using Prizma, sites can include playlists on their pages that are optimized for each viewer. Publishers can use the platform to highlight their own videos or to generate income by showing syndicated videos.

Prizma was created to not just suggest videos relevant to the host page, but to understand the viewer’s deeper needs and motivations. For example, a woman watching a yoga video might also be concerned with stress reduction, getting in shape for summer, and her own long-term health, says Rachel Payne, the company’s CEO and co-founder.

Early Prizma trials have been highly successful, says Payne: 8 percent of page viewers click to see a video and 80 percent of those viewers complete a pre-roll ad. Also, 30 percent of video viewers return in under a week to view more videos. Viewers who finish a video watch 2 or 3 more in the same session.

Prizma differs from Taboola and other syndication services by focusing on engagement and keeping the viewer on the host site, said a press representative. The company is targeting several verticals, including business and finance, health and well-being, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, gaming, and news.

At the same time, Fem Inc. is announcing that it has received $3 million in funding from Javelin Venture Partners, MESA+ LLC, Techstars (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company), and multiple angle investors. Fem Inc. is participating in the Disney Accelerator program.

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