Fantasize with Trey Songz in His Interactive Video for ‘Touchin, Lovin’ ft …

By Philip Cosores

It seems like a minute since we’ve had a solid interactive video, but Trey Songz is here to remind us that interactive videos are a still thing and they can be very fun.

The song is “Touchin, Lovin” from this years Trigga and (predictably) is set in Trey’s bedroom, where viewers get to choose your own adventure with Trey’s sexual exploits. Nicki Minaj is in the clip (and song) as well, providing a pill choice like this was all some sort of sexy Matrix.

“I have a personal connection with my fans,” Trey Songz told Buzzfeed about the video, “and I wanted this interactive video to be a way for them to get a glimpse into my world and my fantasies in a new way.”

Spoiler alert: Trey Songz fantasies are exactly what you thought Trey Songz fantasies would be. Would have been cooler if, like, he wanted to be an astronaut or something.

Watch the video here.


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