Facebook Threatening YouTube as Premiere Video Platform for Marketers

January 9, 2015: facebook video marketingThe push by Facebook to include video on its News Feed and posted by pages and personal users has led many to believe it will soon overtake YouTube as the primary tool used for online video marketing efforts.

According to MarketingLand, in the last year, video posts on the social network have increased 75% globally and 94% in the U.S., while the amount of video appearing in News Feeds has increased 360%. These stats are based on a public media blog post from Facebook.

This trend toward the growing importance of video is nothing new. In November 2014, a study found that it was one of the top three marketing techniques for B2B marketers. The study also found that even though it was reported as the third most effective marketing tactic (tied with blogging), it was actually sixth in terms of actual usage, meaning that many marketers are not taking advantage of video marketing effectiveness.

A second report from Facebook, this time from its Newsroom section, reports that since June 2014, Facebook has averaged about 1 billion video views per day. While there are some critics that claim view counts might be inflated due to the fact that many users experience video auto-play after mousing over a video in their newsfeed, the fact remains that the exposure video is getting on Facebook will only continue to increase.

If this indeed is the case, marketers are likely to start facilitating a plan for video creation for Facebook in 2015.

photo via Pixabay

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