Facebook Announces New Video Ad Features

Facebook is rolling out a tool that automatically captions video ads, Engadget reports.

Facebook’s Marketing Director Graham Mudd stated that the digital marketing brands should insert their message as soon as possible, so that viewers remember it. The surveys conducted internally at the company suggest that a caption to a video in the news feed increases the video view time by about 12%. When a mobile video ad plays loudly, 80 percent of the people react negatively toward the platform and the advertiser, the statement adds.

The new tool generates captions for video ads and delivers them to the advertiser within the ad creation tool to review, edit and save to their video ad. Before Facebook offered the automated options, advertisers had to embed captions manually, or upload their own caption files.

The biggest new feature is automatic captions.

Advertisers, therefore, seek to capture the attention of their audience attention under 10 seconds.

One common element of effective video ads – as reported by Facebook after researching video ads on the social network as well as Instagram – is an engaging image that displays before a video starts playing, Facebook says. On the other hand, the research found that 41% of videos are meaningless without sound. Facebook has partnered with Moat Analytics to expand its video ad analytics service.

We can expect to see more typography, graphics, and subtitles in upcoming ads on Facebook as advertisers learn how to get our attention visually.

Highlighting the findings of its study, Facebook said in the blog post: “In mobile-feed environments, people prefer having the choice to opt in to sound”. “Video advertisers that tailor their creative with visuals that get people to stop scrolling and watch will drive the best business results on Facebook“.

Moreover, advertisers will now work to make their content more mobile friendly, which is good for all the three entities – users, Facebook and the advertisers.

In case you’re curious, the Facebook post gives some advertising examples of successful video ads as well as providing some tips to advertisers, which actually makes for some interesting reading.

Technically it’s a good way to tell the users what a video is all about if they don’t have their headphones handy and they don’t intend to play the video.

Facebook Video Ads

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