Ethana Online Produces Mobile App Feature Videos

Melbourne, Victoria-based Ethana Online launches their mobile app feature videos to help businesses, which are currently offering marketing solutions to their customers, to tap into mobile app marketing technologies to increase local engagement and loyalty with their client-based. The videos are done in a high-quality format so it would bring much interest into viewers such end-clients who want to know what features are useful on their mobile phones to engage with their list of favored businesses such as retail, music stores or music bands, etc., a popular website specializing app forecast and insights had this prediction for the year 2016, « This year, we project the global mobile app market to expand 24% to reach $51 billion in gross revenue across all app stores. » Whereas the new app technology took the center stage over the perennial winner, the online web portal, in attracting online customers due to increase in mobile usage, many businesses are still not taking advantage in tapping the mobile solution as if they’re just throwing money at their windows for lost opportunity and increase of customer base, their lifeblood.

With its expertise in mobile app solution for business, Ethana Online tries to educate local business owners and their clients into this space by simple video demonstration how the app works particularly of the type of niche service or products they are into. All they have to do is familiarize the features more commonly used by others and are proven to increase their customers’ loyalty.

The spokesman of the company states, « The impact of mobile cannot be underestimated since smartphones took the world by storm since its inception. Many people are abandoning their desktop and shifted most of the online activities into mobile using a small browser running into it. But the app has a huge advantage over a website as it keeps the visitor stuck into their space and should they wish to avail the service, they don’t have to always change the screen. »

As a long time online veteran selling products and services, Ethana Online currently offers a range of high-quality marketing services that are top quality but are affordable for local businesses such as AdWords marketing service, video marketing, mobile apps and marketing, online reputation and press releases.

And for more information about their whiteboard animation technology in marketing and reaching out to people in their way of learning online information, more information can be found at their website at


Contact Ethana Online:

Jorge Barba
(415) 528-7818
[email protected]
19 Duntroon Drive
Wantirna, Victoria
Australia 3152

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