Ethana Online Launches New Marketing Technology To Help Its Digital Client Rodrigo Duterte

Melbourne, Victoria-based Ethana Online launches a new marketing technology to help its political clients, locally and overseas, to leverage the power of hand-drawn whiteboard animations to increase communicating the platforms of candidates to prospectives voters. Animations tend to engage prospective political voters with the underlying candidate’s narrative in presenting himself or herself to the prospective voters.

On one of Ethana Online’s YouTube channels, it presented a few demonstrations of how a political client can take advantage of the new presentation medium. It takes its own digital client, Rodrigo Duterte Digital Team, whose platforms are not communicated well to many voters who may not have heard much about him outside his place of jurisdiction or who are those belonging to the upper echelon of society.

As of this writing, the total videos hit has reached more than 3,000 views after only a couple of weeks of posting without much promotion, so the views demonstrate how powerful and engaging the animation videos are, even in areas which are not normally reached by modern marketing, such as politics. Reaching that prospect with almost zero cost is time-consuming and quite expensive if done in the traditional way.

The spokesman of the company states, « Whiteboard animation as a marketing technology leverages popular video channels like YouTube or Vimeo to help political candidates reach their intended audience with almost zero cost out of their wallet. It would help public officials who are interested in serving the public or are nationalistic at heart but don’t have deep wallets to dip into. It would level the playing field, and the days where the elite are lording over the population will be overthrown by the advent of newer technologies. The role of technology is further lowering the traditional gap between the rich and the poor. The company prides itself in engaging with social issues that are helpful in lowering the overall cost of marketing and communication. »

Ethana Online currently offers a wide range of high-quality marketing services that are top quality but are affordable for local businesses such as AdWords marketing service, video marketing, mobile apps and marketing, online reputation and press releases.

And for more information about their whiteboard animation technology, more information can be found at their website at


Contact Ethana Online:

Jorge Barba
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