Ethana Online Expands Its Online Presence By Offering Informational Videos

Melbourne, Victoria-based Ethana Online expands its online presence by offering informational videos that cater ordinary people that want basic medical knowledge about common diseases and to get hold of an easy-to-understand information that is not verbose, self-explanatory, and straight-out facts.

Due to the volume and density of information available online, the company spared the technicality by choosing the video platform as its initial springboard to offer general public medical information about common diseases. It picks up the medical facts that affect mostly families that would surely help parents who are looking into direct information to get better-informed decisions about their loved one’s conditions or exposure to potential genetic and acquired diseases.

On one of Ethana Online’s YouTube channel, it presented fifty videos that listed common medical issues or diseases that are very helpful as a general information guide for families and couples. The company’s mastery of whiteboard animation is very evident on display to help engage the visitors not to get drowned or suffer information overload with very technical information while they search for medical information online. The company believes that videos tend to educate more due to people’s propensity to narratives and comfort in watching a moving thing like for example a television.

As of this writing, the total video hits have reached more than three-hundred fifty views after only a couple of weeks of production without requiring any marketing or promotion, so the views demonstrate the users’ desire to get as much basic information through motion images and text. The company tapped the services of a medical scientist to help conversion of technical medical information to more general information intended for public consumption.

The spokesman of the company states, « Technology is long considered ostensibly to make the hard effort easy is now becoming more palpable with its pervasive use of the online medium such as YouTube channels. It helps families gain information tailored to their non-technical level of knowledge and thus sparing people from information overload or wasting so much time in trying to make sense of the information available to them. The information also does not stop there. They can spread it to their immediate families, especially those who are not into technology such as internet or computers. »

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And for more information about their whiteboard animation technology in marketing and reaching out to people in their way of learning online information, more information can be found at their website at


Contact Ethana Online:

Jorge Barba
(415) 528-7818
[email protected]
19 Duntroon Drive
Wantirna, Victoria
Australia 3152

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