Elizabeth Rose reveals interactive video

Singer Elizabeth Rose wants we to play with her emotions.

In an innovative video combined in partnership with Google Play, a Sydney electro-pop artist puts a energy in a hands of a viewer.

The innovative video for her strain Playing With Fire is entirely interactive, definition anyone who watches it can tap, appropriate and stagger their phones or tablets to make a video do what they wish it to.

With a daub of a finger, shapes fly opposite a shade as Rose’s conduct stays static. Or appropriate a shade and Rose’s conduct splits into exquisite shapes, suggestive of a Picasso painting.

It’s a initial plan of a kind for Google Play and is an Australian initiative.

« It’s built in mixed layers of video that are personification in together all during once. And we’ve coded tools of those, any of a opposite layers to be pure during opposite times, so it indeed allows we to correlate with opposite tools of it while Elizabeth is arrange of right there singing to you, » Sophie Hirst from Google Australia told AAP.

Rose has expelled 7 singles and dual EPs,and is about to recover her initial album, Intra, followed by a debate in June.

« Elizabeth Rose has a unequivocally clever visible character and that has an healthy fit when you’re looking during record and building an interactive video, » Hirst said.

Rose is unapproachable of a interactive video, stating: « I always try to have some quirky elements with a clips we make, though zero is as belligerent violation as this one. »

With dual Bjork-like buns in her hair for some of a video, it would be easy to assume that Rose has taken some impulse from a Icelandic artist.

Bjork’s videos and visible character are mostly groundbreaking. The video for her 1997 lane All Is Full Of Love has been on permanent arrangement in New York’s Museum Of Modern Art for a use of slicing corner mechanism animation to uncover a public of a drudge with Bjork’s features.

Last year Bjork expelled a 360 grade video for her lane Stonemilker and subsequent month’s Vivid Festival in Sydney will showcase her innovative video collaborations with a curated career retrospective.

But while Bjork might have been a subconscious inspiration, there was another, some-more technical, reason behind a hair buns.

« Because we indeed shot all on a immature shade so we could covering all these videos on tip of one another, we had to have hair styles that were easy to cut in immature screen, » Hirst said.

As for a strain itself, Rose pronounced a interactive component fits in good with what she describes as a « girl power » theme behind a track.

« The strain is about revelation someone that if they wish to be with me again that they can’t screw up, they’re personification with fire, » she said.

  • To entrance a Playing With Fire interactive video on mobile, inscription or desktop device go to www.elizabethrose.com.au/play


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