edelpaper.com releases full HTML5 player version for online flipbooks

edelpaper.com releases full HTML5 player version for online flipbooks


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Published: 28 April 2016

Submitted by Claudia Krempler WhaTech Pro Trial

News from edelpaper.com by 1000°DIGITAL GmbH

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Internet browsers for PCs, tablets and smartphones like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge will solely support the HTML5 standard in future. So edelpaper.com decided to set its clean and functional player up to the HTML5 standard, which is supported by every common browser right now and will be the state-of-the art technology for the next years.

The flipbook software provider edelpaper.com launchs its new player Version 4, a full HTML5 player without Flash. The HTML5 standard ensures a performant rendering of texts, images and multimedia content for all devices. With its responsive design it fits perfectly to the respective device, whether smartphones or tablet PCs. With the player Version 4 , the online flipbooks can be viewed on almost every browser, because there is no Flash plugin needed anymore.

The HTML5 based player Version 4 ensures a flawless reading experience for readers and customers. Additionally, there will be more opportunities for exciting and useful features with the HTML5 standard in future like converting Word documents, JPG, PNG, PowerPoint and other file formats directly to an online flipbook using a simple drag drop function.

What changes with the edelpaper HTML5 player Version 4?

The design of the edelpaper player Version 4 gets smarter because edelpaper took the chance to optimize the player design with experienced UI/UX professionals during the HTML5 player set up. All features from the Flash based player are still available in player Version 4 like video and link embedding, customizing background and logo, Google Analytics tracking integration, individual subdomains for published weblinks and more.

Customers still have the coice between player Version 3 (with Flash) and player Version 4 (HTML5, no Flash). To demonstrate the new player Version 4, edelpaper created three flipbook examples: magazine, catalog and annual report.

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