Duly Noted: O’Hare workers protest United Airlines for better benefits (Video)

Jan. 29 — PepsiCo Chief Marketing Officer Simon Lowden and Frito-Lay Chief Marketing Officer Ram Krishnan discuss Pepsi’s Super Bowl advertising strategy. They speak on “Market Makers.”

United Airlines counter

Travelers wait in line at the United ticket counter at O’Hare International Airport.

David A. Arnott
Assistant News Editor


Food workers at O’Hare International protested at United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) headquarters Thursday, calling for higher payments to food vendors. Specifically, the protestors asked for 5 cents more per passenger ticket sold to be passed on to the vendors — and then to the workers in the form of better health insurance. — Chicago Tribune

PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) Chief Marketing Officer Simon Lowden and Frito-Lay CMO Ram Krishnan explained how the company approaches the Super Bowl as an advertiser, saying that the Super Bowl, by itself, is just a part of a wider effort that runs throughout the NFL season. Moreover, the company tries not to focus too tightly on its television commercials, choosing to also emphasize the exposure its Gatorade brand gains on the sidelines, for example. That’s an interesting take on the process of advertising to the year’s biggest television audience, especially given the evidence that Super Bowl advertisements, by themselves, rarely drive sales. — Bloomberg video above

Caesars Entertainment (NASDAQ: CZR) won a victory when a judge ruled the company may proceed with a bankruptcy case involving one of its operating units in Illinois court. Las Vegas-based Caesars appears to have chosen Illinois as a venue for its reputation of letting the other parts of a holding company separate from bankrupt units with no liability. — Bloomberg

When the NFL holds its annual draft in Chicago later this year, organizers say it will have a distinctly different feel from previous iterations held in New York, and not just because of the different city. Rather, they hope to make Grant Park and a fan festival there the primary focus of the event, with the draft itself, ostensibly, left to be a made-for-television event inside the Auditorium Theater at Roosevelt University. — Chicago Sun-Times

David A. Arnott is assistant news editor with The Business Journals.

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