Drone, Film Crew, Luxury Cars Used in Video Marketing Wheaton Mansion

Photo credit: Zillow.com

A lot of real estate agents will shoot videos showcasing a home they have listed for sale.

But real estate agent Michael LaFido has taken his videos to a whole new level. The agent at CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate recently spent big bucks to use a professional film crew and a drone to create a video showcasing a Wheaton home currently on the market.

His goal is to show people enjoying the home instead of simply showing clips of the living room or kitchen, according to a CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate press release.

“It’s about creating a feeling,” LaFido said in the press release.

The home at 321 E. Prairie Ave. is currently listed for $3 million. For his 90-second video, LaFido hired actors and used a luxury vehicle. Highlights of the 1.3-acre estate include a gourmet kitchen, screened porch, five-car garage and 1,300-bottle wine cellar.

The video was expected to feature scenes of people playing football, drinking wine, playing ping-pong and more.

The commercial is LaFido’s second production.

Last year, he hired eight actors, a couple of Bentleys and Lamborghinis, three horses, a film crew and a drone-mounted camera to make a video about a $4.49 million Barrington Hills estate he was selling. The production cost $10,000.

This time his budget was slightly smaller but his goal was still the same.

“He wants someone to see the video and image his or herself living in the five-bedroom home at 321 E. Prairie Ave. in Wheaton,” according to the news release.

Visit 321eprairieave.com for more information and photos of the Wheaton home.


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