Don’t write off traditional media, says PwC

One of the big problems for media companies is that digital advertising is a lower-value transaction and the competition for dollars is much fiercer, and for newspapers particularly the « rivers of gold », or classifieds, that funded the sector have gone elsewhere.

Ms Brownlow said that over the period she expects broadcast and online video to converge into one pool, rather than advertisers have separate budgets for TV and streaming which will impact how media is bought.

« That some of the platforms, that are exchanges or are selling video, you can flip the metrics between digital metrics and TV metrics. TubeMogul, for example, if you’re a buyer who is used to TV metrics, you can buy using TV metrics, but essentially what you are buying is online video, » Ms Brownlow said.

« New currencies in the market like OzTam’s online video metrics – these are the sorts of things, that once we get good data and good measurement tools that are, in a sense, platform agnostic, that’s what will propel that view of TV and online video as just one bucket being video.

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