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So I’m no meteorologist, but I’m thinking we’re going to get a lot of snow this winter. For many of us, that means a lot of shoveling. 

A northeast Ohio man has come up with a new version of the shovel designed to take the sweat out of snow removal. It’s called the Pushel, but you ask, Danielle, does it work?

Colin is a 3-year-old who loves playing in the snow with his toys. But when it comes to shoveling it, he wants nothing to do with it. In fact, there are a lot of people who would rather leave it to the plow guys or use snow blowers.

« If I have to forecast it, I might as well know how to shovel it, » says 19 Action News Meteorologist Jenn Harcher.

It’s why we asked the snowbelt resident to test out the Pushel, the next generation of shovels manufactured right here in Ohio.

In the company’s marketing video, the inventor shows a young girl clearing a 50-foot driveway, sidewalk and walkway in about 12-13 minutes.

As its name suggests, it’s designed to easily push the snow out of the way, instead of having to lift it and toss it, which can be back-breaking and dangerous.

The directions tell you how to prepare for shoveling.

« Stretch before you remove the snow, » Jenn reads.

And it only requires an easy, one-time assembly.

« You picked the coldest day in January to do this, » Jenn points out.

But the beauty is we didn’t have to stay out there very long. Jenn was able to easily clear out a large section of her driveway with the Pushel. It was much harder and took much longer when we compared that to the regular shovel.

« This one was so much faster. It did not stick on the snow to remove the top layer, » she says.

The Pushel comes with two different blades: plastic and aluminum. The plastic blade can be used for lighter snow, and is also good for softer surfaces. The aluminum blade can be used for heavier snow and ice, or harder surfaces. The handle of the Pushel can also be broken down to save space.

Once again, with the aluminum blade, the Pushel got rid of the ice down to the driveway, with much less effort than it took with the shovel.

So it’s seems the Pushel is definitely no snow job. Instead, it does the job.

The Pushel costs $49.95. Right now, you can get it at Shaker Hardware and Van Aken Hardware.

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