Darizi in e-commerce play for Valentine’s Day

Ahead of this Valentine’s Day this Saturday, NDN Group has launched an interactive e-commerce video for luxury wedding magazine Darizi (大日子), allowing viewers to purchase direct from the video.

The spot features a total of 52 items from brands including Jimmy Choo, Sheraton Macau Hotel, Rimowa, Canon, Scoop, Anovia Gowns, Nude Up and Butani.

While watching, users can click on any products that appeal to them, get instant product details, or proceed to the checkout via a direct link to the brand’s e-commerce platform.

The campaign joins an emerging trend for interactive videos that have been trailed by a group of luxury labels such as Gucci, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

“We see a much more variety of rich media leading the growth of the digital industry this year and beyond – with video being the prominent one,” said Andy Ann, group CEO of NDN.

“Touchable video will become a mainstream platform in both commercial and creative arenas… and videos with e-commerce integration offering point-of-sale will bring a new dimension to consumers’ overall shopping experience and interaction with the brand – optimally increasing conversion rates and sales for brands,” he added.

Darizi, in partnership with Emotion, led the campaign from creative production, video, scripting, copywriting and channel placement.

Creative: Sara Lai and Wing Siu
Storyboard: Benni Ho, Mandy Lee, and Sara Lai
Producer: Mandy Lee
Social Media Team: Mandy Lee and Michelle Tsang
Production Agency: King’s Production

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