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Video-Based BI Analysis Service Launches

In the US, the founders of marketing firm FoundSimply have set up a business intelligence service called KPIspy, offering video-based reporting of analysis of business metrics, conducted by consultants.

KPIspy specializes in interpreting data and understanding how to apply it to achieve business growth. Its new service uncovers data on a variety of business measures ranging from web site traffic, to social media traction, to competitive marketing activity. It also includes video and supplementary metrics reports called ‘Your Brand. Your Market’, delivered weekly or monthly and offering company owners help with business decisions and team management.

Co-founder Clayton Griffith (pictured) comments: ‘Not everyone works analytically on a regular basis where digging deep into the data is part of the daily job. Most business leaders don’t have time, many don’t know where to look, or even how to interpret the data once they receive it. KPIspy was created with that in mind, to keep business owners informed without spending hours trudging through spreadsheet hell. It’s kind of like the executive summary slide of a PowerPoint presentation, only modernized, in video format, human guided, and way more useful’.

Web sites: www.foundsimply.com and www.kpispy.com .

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